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How to choose a Quilt Or Pillow

Choosing a Quilt should be as simple as googling your size and selecting one and there you go. But there is a lot of variables that will make or break a quilt or Pillow.

For the luxury soft and fluffy feeling you get in high end hotels you cant go past feather Down with as high as possible % of Down vs feathers.

We sell Pillows from 15% down to 80% Down Duck and 80% Goose. Our recommendation would be to rather get Duck as the duck is ethically sourced from Australia. 

Pillow Sizes is up to the individual, we actually recommend sticking with the standard size as they work well on most beds. On a king or super King you can think about upgrading to King Pillows but just make sure when you buy your quilt cover that the pillow covers will actually fit, most sets only come with standard size pillows.

If you suffer from neck pain or allergies we recommend you look at memory foam pillows, we stock different styles you can either get a flat style or a contoured side if you don't roll around a lot.

For Quilts it depends where you live and what sort of heat/cold protection you need. The summer 80% duck down quilt is great all year around as well as Wool. IF you don't suffer from allergies go the feather, if you you do go wool. For the cooler places in Australia we recommend you get the all season Quilt in 50% or 80% duck down.

Remember to get one size up , so if you have a queen get a king and you will get that interior design look with the quilt overhanging and also make it much comfier, just remember to buy King quilt covers.