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Dreamz Mattress Protector Cool Topper Set Pillow Case Double

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Bodies can be kind of gross. Do you know that you sweat when you sleep? Protect your mattress. Throw your mattress protector and pillowcases in the washing machine. Easier than scrub your mattress clean.

Allergies are not fun. Runny nose itchy skin and more. Dust mites are just as bad. Your bed protector will help stop that. If your allergies start up again just wash it back to new condition.

You will barely notice that your cooling mattress topper is there. Many other mattress covers are itchy hot and uncomfortable. Make the smart choice with your cool mattress topper set.

Pull off your bed cover. Put it in the washing machine. Dry on the line or in the dryer on low heat. You will be back to using your cover in no time.

Just four straps. That is all you need to attach your bed cover. Put the cover on then use your standard fitted or flat sheet. Sleep comfy.


Key Features:

  • Fits mattresses of up to 40cm thickness
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Skin-friendly hypoallergenic material
  • Soft and breathable
  • Elastic straps to hold it in
  • Machine washable
  • Two bonus pillowcases

Brand: Dreamz

Top: 100% Nylon

Filling: 100% Polyester

Bottom: Mesh Cloth 100% Polyester
Pillowcase: 48cm x 72cm

Double:  188cm x 137cm  
Colour: Blue and white



1x Mattress topper

2x Pillowcases


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