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Dreamz Weighted Blanket Cotton Heavy Gravity Adults Deep Relax Relief 9KG Grey

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Almost everyone loves a warm hug. Not everyone has that special friend who will hug them when they need it. Wrap your weighted blanket around you and calmly watch a movie into the evening.

Many people use weighted blankets for their anxiety and stress. Maybe you will find out it is just what you need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Start waking up refreshed now.

You will be resting with this anxiety blanket for a long long time. Everything is kept in place with efficient double stitching. You can even use the fasteners to keep it in place on your bed.

This heavy blanket is designed to be cool in summer. Enjoy the weight without the added heat. You can put in on top of your doona in winter for warmth and weight.

We have different weight and size options. Choose the smallest option for a child or pick between the two bigger options for an adult. Select between white or grey depending on your preferences.

Great for all seasons. Enjoy the weight of this heavy blanket without the added heat. Cool in summer. You can put in on top of your doona in winter for a bit of warmth and a lot of weight.


Key Features:

100% Hypoallergenic cotton cover

Unified weight distribution

Micro pocket and glass beads

Secure fasteners

Double stitching

Machine washable

Perfect for summer or winter use


Brand: Dreamz

Size: Adults

Weight: 9kg

Material:  233TC 100% cotton

Filling material:  96% Glass bead and 4% polyester

Dimension (L x W):

Adults: 203cm x 152cm

Colour: Grey

  • 1x DreamZ Weighted Blanket

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