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Weighted Blanket with Bamboo and Dotted Minky Cover 7kg

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Silky smooth Bamboo, combined with Plush & Cozy Minky cover. Filled with micro weighted glass beads to give you a deep, . You may not dream about unicorn anymore, but you still can sleep like a baby!


    Dual-sided comfort - Outfitted in Plush Minky on its warm side and tailored with 100% natural bamboo in its cool side, this blanket will comfort you through cold winter & hot summer.

    100% Natural Bamboo - Closest thing to silk - all natural, silky smooth, keeps you cool all night - without the hefty price tag.

    Minky Dotted - Snuggle into our warm and plush, soft to the touch minky side. Raised dotted design to give you a calming, relaxed sensation.

    Deep pressure calmness - Featuring a filling of Micro Weighted Glass Beads, this weighted blanket will cocoon you in its cozy embrace and make you feel totally safe.

    Coziest hug in the world - You may not dream about unicorns anymore but you can still sleep like a baby wrapped around the coziest hug in the world!

    OEKO-tex Certified - Our bamboo & minky covers are certified by OEKO-tex to contain ZERO harmful chemical. Which meant 100% hypoallergenic, safe to use for you.

    CE LAB Certified - Our micro weighted glass beads are CE LAB approved, which means that its medical-grade use is fully authenticated!


      2.2kg Dimensions - 76LX 102W (cm)

      5kg Dimensions - 203LX 152W (cm)

      7kg Dimensions - 203LX 152W (cm)

      9kg Dimensions - 203LX 152W (cm)

      Material: Cover (Dual sided) - Dotted Minky

      Material: Cover (Dual sided) - 100% Natural Bamboo

      Material : Inner Fillings - Micro Weighted Glass Beads

      Fabric Certification - OEKO-tex Class 100

      Lab Certification - CE Lab

      Package Content:

        1X Weighted Blanket

        1X Dual-sided Cover (Bamboo + Minky)

        Care Instruction

          Warranty - 1 Year

          Wash - at Maximum 86 degree Fahrenheit

          Drying - Tumble Dry. Air Dry Recommended. Do not Iron

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